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NFL Combine 2012: Robert Griffin III stands tall at NFL combine

February 24, 2012

ESPN- We learned something today about Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III at the NFL combine today. He really is 6 feet 2. Well, to be accurate, RG3 measured in at 6 feet 2, 3/8 inches.

He was listed at 6-2 at Baylor, but there had been talk that he was closer to 6 feet. While quarterbacks like Drew Brees and Michael Vick have overcome the lack of height, there is a stronger track record for taller quarterbacks in the NFL.

Height still matters in this league, and there's not a lot of instances where teams use draft picks on short quarterbacks, especially first-round picks.

So, RG3 passed his first test at the combine. He will interview with teams tonight, which includes a 15-minue chat with the Cleveland Browns. The Browns are in the process of determining whether RG3 is worth trading up from No. 4 in the draft. -ESPN By Jamison Hensley


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