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NBA: Lakers trade Derek Fisher to Rockets for Jordan Hill (SPORTINGNEWS)

March 15, 2012

The Los Angeles Lakers have sent longtime point guard Derek Fisher and a first-round pick to the Houston Rockets for power forward Jordan Hill, according to multiple reports.

The deal was first reported by Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle

Derek Fisher, right, is headed to the Houston Rockets. (AP Photo)




The move comes in the wake of Los Angeles' acquisition of point guard Ramon Sessions from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Fisher, drafted in 1996 along with Kobe Bryant, has played all but three of his NBA seasons for the Lakers and has won five NBA championships with the franchise.

Hill, 23, is averaging 5.0 points and 4.8 rebounds for the Rockets this season. He was the No. 8 pick in 2009 by the New York Knicks, who traded him to Houston midway through his rookie year. His career averages are 5.4 points and 4.2 rebounds.

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NBA Basketball: NBA players reject offer, season in jeopardy

November 14, 2011

NBA players rejected the league's latest contract offer on Monday and will disband as a union, a move that could wipe out the entire NBA season with the sides taking their labor dispute into the court of law.

The NBPA said it would no longer continue in collective bargaining and would dissolve the union to become a trade association in order to pursue legal action against the NBA, with the entire 2011-12 season hanging in the balance. (MORE>>>)

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NBA Basketball: NBA players, owners decide to meet again today

November 9, 2011

Less than 24 hours after locked out NBA players turned down team owners' latest contract proposal, the two sides agreed to meet Wednesday to continue negotiations.

The owners and players union were to sit down together in New York at 1 p.m. Eastern time (10 a.m. Pacific).

Both union executive director Billy Hunter and NBA Commissioner David Stern had said Tuesday afternoon that they would be willing to meet Wednesday to see if they could get a deal done.

Stern had given the players a 5 p.m. Eastern deadline to accept the league's offer, or risk the next offer being less. (MORE>>>)

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NBA lockout: Issues players must settle in Thursday's meeting

November 3, 2011

The NBA lockout has nearly reached four months, and there's more than just negotiating with NBA Commissioner David Stern that's left the players union restless. There's also issues they have to discuss amongst themselves. 

For worse, the two sides don't have any negotiating sessions scheduled. But at least the NBA Players Assn. plans to meet Thursday in New York on what will likely involve a number of timely issues. Below are two of the things the players union must iron out. (MORE>>>)

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NBA Basketball: Derek Fisher, union must get deal done

November 2, 2011

It doesn't matter that Derek Fisher is blowing smoke in the public's direction by denying reports of a rift between himself and a few members of the NBA players' union. What matters is the reason why he felt the need to do so, the effect it could possibly have on labor negotiations and whether he'll get the support he needs to secure a 2011-12 NBA season.

Fisher did the right thing by writing an open letter to players Monday, reiterating his commitment to them while attempting to swat away any hints to the contrary. He did it again in a statement Tuesday. Quite honestly, he had to say something. When you're accused of talking to owners behind the backs of union executives and promising to deliver the owners' coveted 50-50 split of annual revenue (known as basketball related income or BRI) without anyone's knowledge -- words like "alleged" or "allegations" won't floss over the damage done to your reputation.(MORE>>>)

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NBA Basketball: Derek Fisher defends loyalty in letter

November 1, 2011

In his latest letter to fellow players, union president Derek Fisher strongly denied a report published over the weekend that claimed union executive director Billy Hunter and another unnamed member of the union's executive board have questioned Fisher about his relationship with NBA commissioner David Stern and deputy commissioner Adam Silver.

In Monday night's letter, which was obtained by ESPN.com, Fisher responded to Friday's report from FoxSports.com columnist Jason Whitlock and suggestions that the union's leadership is splintering by telling its members: "Usually I wouldn't even dignify absurd media reports with a comment. But before these reports go any further, let me say on the record to each of you [that] my loyalty has and always will be with the players. (MORE>>>)

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NBA Basketball: Negotiators meeting on deadline day in NBA talks

October 10, 2011

acing a Monday deadline to reach a deal or have regular-season games canceled, NBA owners and players have resumed talks toward ending the lockout.

Commissioner David Stern said last week he could cancel the first two weeks of the season Monday without a new deal. Opening night is scheduled for Nov. 1.

Top negotiators for both sides returned about 14 hours after ending talks Sunday night. They are still apart on the main issues of the division of revenues and salary cap system, with many lesser items still not even discussed. (MORE...)

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