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Boxing: Bernard Hopkins Gets Title Back

October 21, 2011

The WBC did not wait for the California State Athletic Commission to have a hearing on the bizarre outcome of last Saturday night's Bernard Hopkins-Chad Dawson light heavyweight championship fight at the Staples Center.

Instead, the Mexico City-based sanctioning organization reinstated Hopkins as its 175-pound world champion and declared the fight a technical draw on Thursday.

"I feel very happy. I feel that justice was done," Hopkins told ESPN.com.

The fight ended in a storm of controversy with Dawson being declared a second-round winner by technical knockout. It happened after Hopkins, who missed a right hand, wound up draped over Dawson's back during his follow through. Dawson then grabbed Hopkins by the leg, lifted him and shoved him down to the canvas. Hopkins landed awkwardly on the edge of the ring, suffered a dislocation of the joint connecting his left shoulder to his collar bone and was unable to continue. (MORE>>>)

Boxing: Bernard Hopkins seeking DQ win

October 18, 2011

While Bernard Hopkins underwent an MRI on his injured left shoulder in his hometown of Philadelphia on Tuesday, across the country in Los Angeles, his legal team filed an appeal to the California State Athletic Commission seeking to overturn the result of his controversial light heavyweight championship fight with Chad Dawson on Saturday night at the Staples Center.

Hopkins is seeking to have the result changed from a second-round knockout in Dawson's favor to a disqualification victory for him -- rather than a no contest as his team had originally suggested Saturday night. (MORE>>>)

Boxing: Commission backs ref for Hopkins-Dawson

October 18, 2011

Boxing added to its reputation as the sporting world's theater of the unexpected on Saturday night, when the Bernard Hopkins-Chad Dawson light heavyweight faceoff at the Staples Center in L.A. ended in controversial circumstances in the second round.

The middle-aged Philadelphia boxer threw, missing with a right. Dawson ducked down, Hopkins fell into Dawson and had his right forearm pressing on the younger man's neck. Dawson didn't care for that, and bumped Hopkins off him, on his back and left side, onto the canvas. Hopkins grimaced dramatically, sending the message that he wasn't OK. Referee Pat Russell halted the action and attended to Hopkins, who told Russell his left shoulder was hurting him. Russell asked him if he could continue, and Hopkins said he could -- but with only one good arm. Russell stopped the contest, ostensibly because Hopkins (52-6-2) would not be able to adequately defend himself, and stated that no foul had been committed by either man. (MORE>>>)

Boxing: Bernard Hopkins vs Chad Dawson in Staples Center showdown for WBC light-heavyweight title

October 15, 2011

How appropriate that the weigh-in for the Bernard Hopkins-Chad Dawson light-heavyweight title fight was held outside "Ripley's Believe It or Not" in Hollywood yesterday.

It's hard to determine which stretches credulity more: That the 46-year-old Hopkins continues to hold sway over much younger men in the sport or that a card featuring East Coast boxers is taking place at the Staples Center tonight in downtown L.A. Take your pick. (MORE>>>)

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